Top Derby City Posts of 2018

Top Derby City Posts of 2018
Written by: Coach Slater

It’s hard to keep up on everything we put out on Social Media, so here’s a collection of our “most clicked” posts from the past year from the website and Instagram. We’ve also included some posts from past years that still get a ton of clicks, as apparently people are still interested in them. Who knew? Enjoy!

5. Accountability: Because We Care
Fitness is a personal journey, but that doesn’t mean you have to go through it alone. At Derby City, we feel very strongly about community, and the bonds of friendship and family have the power to help us become our best selves.

4. Member Survey Results, Pt 1
This year’s survey gave us an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and some very helpful constructive feedback.

3. The Best, Worst 5 Weeks of the Year
Ah, the Open. Every year when the snows of winter melt, a glorious time in the CrossFit calendar comes. If you’ve been in the community a while, the Open needs no introduction to you.

2. Meal Prep 101
The reality is that if you want to perform better in the gym and look better outside of it, you need to improve your nutrition. Meal prepping is a cornerstone of anyone who’s successfully done so. But meal prepping sounds daunting to many people, so I’m going to try to make it easier for you to tackle.

1. Derby City CrossFit Christmas List – 2018
Raise your hand if you also love Christmas shopping for yourself AFTER Christmas, so you can snag all the sweet deals. Your family is fantastic, but there’s 0% chance they know which weightlifting belt you want or whether the new Reebok Nano is better than whatever Nike’s are dropping later in January. It’s on you to pickup what you really want; and, here’s a list of what you really want for Christmas

Instagram Posts

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Our Summer Transformation challenge ended last week. It's time to announce our winners. # For the females: Brittany Deppen pulled off the impossible, winning ALL THREE categories. She gained the most muscle, lost the most fat, and earned the most points. She's the first ever to win all three prizes. # For the males: Steve Knight gained the most muscle, at 2.5lbs, a change of 3.7% Kevin McAdams lost the most body fat, losing 30.0% from his original number. He also earned the most points overall. # Here's a look at the Top 3 for all categories: Female Muscle Mass Gain 1. Brittany Deppen – 10.5% (6.0lbs) 2. Sarah Stankiewicz – 4.2% (2.7lbs) 3. Monica Murphy – 3.3% (2.0lbs) # Female Body Fat Loss 1. Brittany Deppen – 30.5% 2. Katie Caddle-Hayes – 19.2% 3. Monica Murphy – 17.1% # Female Points Leaders 1. Brittany Deppen – 258pts 2. Jessica Sharpenstein – 212pts 3. Celia Cusick – 194pts # Male Muscle Mass Gain 1. Steve Knight – 3.7% (2.5lbs) 2. Tim George – 3.2% (2.4lbs) 3. Simon Gallo – 3.1% (2.2lbs) # Male Body Fat Loss 1. Kevin McAdams – 30.0% 2. Branden Buller – 22.7% 3. Todd Moorman – 18.1% # Male Points Leaders 1. Kevin McAdams – 286pts 2. Branden Buller – 273pts 3. Sam Garas – 151pts # The winner of each category is winning $250, so Kevin is nabbing $500 while Brittany is taking home $750!! # #DerbyCityBuilt #DerbyCityCF #DerbyCity #KeepLouisvilleFit #Louisville #CrossFit

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Attention: Men of Louisville # It is NOT okay to mansplain "fitness" to a woman. Your patriarchy doesn't fly in the gym, where women are building strong, badass bodies. It's no wonder some women are afraid of the gym. # One of our members had this text exchange with a new guy she'd recently met. Men, if you think "girls should focus more on legs and guys should focus on chest and arms", then you are poorly informed about just everything related to health and fitness. # Stop mansplaining, educate yourself, and encourage women to find joy in discovering how strong their bodies can be. And finally, keep this in mind the next time you want to mansplain fitness to a women: If you don’t feel comfortable saying something to a man for fear of being punched in the face, please don’t say it to a woman either. # #DerbyCityBuilt #BootyCityCrossFit #DerbyCityCF #DerbyCity #KeepLouisvilleFit #Louisville #CrossFit

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These are old articles (from 2016 or earlier) that are still getting a ton of clicks:

5. How to Instantly Add More Weight to Your Lifts
Effective bracing is a head-to-toe endeavor and it may be the most important thing we can teach you at Derby City.

4. How to Not Rip on Pullups
Hand rips are cool and all, but if avoiding them is cooler, then consider me Miles Davis.

3. Heart Rate Recovery: An easy way to track your fitness
You can use your heart rate monitor and your MyZone app to track how fast your heart SLOWS down after a workout, which is a proven method for objectively tracking your fitness.

2. Pregnancy & Weightlifting Belts
A bunch of information for moms-to-be about working out, including weightlifting belts, lower back issues, hormones, and intensity.

1. How to Cooldown After Your WOD
A simple article with a bunch of links discussing two important parts of cooling down: foam rolling & stretching.

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