Top Derby City Posts of 2019

Top Derby City Posts of 2019
Written by: Coach Slater

It’s hard to keep up on everything we put out on Social Media, so here’s a collection of our “most clicked” posts from 2019 from our website and Instagram. We’ve also included some posts from past years that still get a ton of clicks, as apparently people are still interested in them. Who knew? Enjoy!

5. Let’s Talk Recovery!
Athletes and coaches will blame lack of consistent nutrition, bad programming, or lack of mobility as a reason for their injuries or inability to improve their performance. Although these are important, THE MOST OFTEN OVERLOOKED area of fitness is in RECOVERY!

4. Reap the Harvest
The Open is more than a test of five workouts and coming together to encourage each other through it. Not that those parts are not vital, but they’re definitely not the only parts we should focus on. Maybe this year, you might view the Open as more of as showcase for the hard work you’ve put in over the last year..

3. Compression Shorts: A Push-Up Bra for Your Butt
This post isn’t for everyone. But, if you’ve ever dinged your package on a barbell during snatches and felt that uncomfortable puke-sensation in your stomach… then this post could be for you.

2. Derby City CrossFit Post-Christmas List – 2019
Raise your hand if you also love Christmas shopping for yourself AFTER Christmas, so you can snag all the sweet deals. Your aunt and uncle are fantastic, but there’s 0% chance they know which weightlifting belt you want or whether the new Reebok Nano is better than whatever Nike is dropping later in January. It’s on you to pickup what you really want; and, here’s a list to tell you what you really want for post-Christmas shopping.

1. The Stress of Being a Gym Owner
Owning a gym is stressful. As I see it, I have a few jobs. One is to provide our Coaches with a worthwhile job that pays them a living wage, so they can live comfortably while enjoying what they do (Coaching you to better fitness). Simultaneously, I’m working thru our Coaches to make sure we meet the needs of a varied group of members who come to us for fitness, nutrition help, life coaching, and community.

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Compression Shorts: A Push-Up Bra for Your Butt. This post isn’t for everyone. But, if you’ve ever dinged your package on a barbell during snatches and felt that uncomfortable puke-sensation in your stomach… then this post could be for you. # If you’re still working out in tighty whitey’s or boxer briefs, then it’s time to get your life together. You’re not in high school P.E. class anymore. You’ve graduated from your dorky-days and your underwear game needs to graduate, too. # True story: in high school, a friend’s parents had a picture on their fireplace mantle of him running in a cross-country race. Back then, high-shorts and underwear with poorly-performing elastic were the standard fare. What his parents failed to recognize in the picture was that he had a ball hanging out as he was mid-stride. That pic stood on that mantle for yearsssss. One ball left waving hello to friends, grandparents, neighbors, and none of them ever noticed. But, we knew. Do his balls hang lower today because he didn’t wear compression shorts back then? I’m not a doctor. But probably yea! # Also, no one is trying to accidentally get a glimpse of what you have going on when you’re doing Glute Bridges or Kettlebell Swings. Compression shorts keep everything under control. You can tuck things where they need to be so you don’t accidentally smack anything on yourself. And you can find them just about anywhere nowadays, appropriate for any budget, from Target to Do you HAVE to wear them when you workout? No, but you also don’t have to PR your next back squat test. # Ok, so maybe you the support the idea of compression shorts, but you don’t want to buy separate sets of them. Luckily, tons of companies are now making shorts with compression liners included – just check out Chubbies, Lululemon, or Ten Thousand. That’s like getting two separate items for the price of one. Who doesn’t love a good deal? # Continued in comments…

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Welcome to The Lexi Colabianchi School of Weight Plate Management. # The theory goes like this… if you can’t easily calculate how much you have on the bar, then you won’t be afraid of it. Knowing how much it weighs makes it heavier. So, stack as many 25s, 15s, and 10s on the bar as physically possible. Extend them until the clips only barely hang on. The less you know about the actual weight on the bar, the stronger you can be. # But there are subtle rules. For instance, you can’t stack a 10lb or 15lb plate inside a 25, 35, or 45lb plate. 10 & 15lb plates can be inside of each other, but never of a “colored” plate. The plates are supposed to go from heaviest to lightest, and you can add as many of same weight place as you’d like. Clear as mud? # The Lexi Colabianchi School of Weight Plate Management says combining a 45lb & 5lb plate together weighs waaaay more than combining five 10lb plates. Theoretically, they weigh the same, but in reality, the first version is maybe 400lbs pound heavier. Give or take. # You too can be a graduate of this illustrious program. You only need the will to stack plates dangerously close to falling off your barbell, and the willingness to ignore your friends shaking their heads at you. May you graduate with honors!

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These are old articles (from 2018 or earlier) that are still getting a ton of clicks. Looks like I need to update a few of these (specifically the Pullup article about grips)!

5. Working Out Hungover. Yay or Nay?
Workout hungover, they say. You’ll sweat out the toxins, they say. Not so fast.

4. How to Not Rip on Pullups
Hand rips are cool and all, but if avoiding them is cooler, then consider me Miles Davis.

3. How to Cooldown After Your WOD
A simple article with a bunch of links discussing two important parts of cooling down: foam rolling & stretching.

2. Pregnancy & Weightlifting Belts
A bunch of information for moms-to-be about working out, including weightlifting belts, lower back issues, hormones, and intensity.

1. Heart Rate Recovery: An easy way to track your fitness
You can use your heart rate monitor and your MyZone app to track how fast your heart SLOWS down after a workout, which is a proven method for objectively tracking your fitness.

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