Unloaded 2/17/19


12/9 Cal Bike or 15/11 Cal Rower “buy-in” at the beginning of each round.
Min 0) 14 2-DB Front Squats – L: 20/10; Spl: 25/15; S: 35/25
Min 2) 20 Abmat Situps
Min 4) 14 2-DB Front Rack Lunges
Min 6) 1min Plank
Min 8) 14 2-DB Thrusters
Min 10) 1min Star Plank (30sec each side)
Min 12) 25 Air Squats
Min 14) 20 V-Ups

-rest 4min, then repeat after switching Bike/Rower with a friend. Strive to be done with each round with about 20sec of rest. Scale reps/cals where needed.

*A star plank is just like a regular side plank except your top leg and arm are trying to point toward the ceiling. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

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