Wednesday 11/13/19

Strength Cycle: Open Cycle – Play Week

In 16min:
Find 3RM L: 1sec Pause Front Squat; Spl/S: OHS
*If your mobility allows, give the OHS a shot today. A 3RM test in the OHS is an unusual test that we don’t experiment with often. Have fun with it!

6 Box Step Overs (Spl/S: Jump Overs)
L: 6/4; Spl: 9/6; S: 12/9 Cal Bike/Row/Ski
6 Pullups; Spl: 3; S: 6 BMU
Rest 30sec
*Today is a fun opportunity to work on Pullups/BMU after jacking up your heart rate a little bit.

Daily Reading
1. Self-Talk and Fat Loss: 25 Ways to Reframe for Results
2. Nutrition for travel: what you need to know

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