Where Do You Struggle?

What do you struggle with in your nutrition? Knowing what types of foods to eat, or actually eating those types of foods?

If you’re not sure what to eat, then it’s often best to start by avoiding foods with added sugar, or refined grains, processed foods, and sugary sweetened beverages. Instead, eat more veggies, lean protein, high fiber foods, and drink more water. By eating more good stuff, you’ll find yourself eating less of the not-as-good stuff.

If you’re struggling with actually eating what you know you should be eating, then we suggest a few things. First, don’t dwell on failure. Instead, just get back on track when you go off the rails a little. As long as you’re trying, you can still succeed. You can also use small non-food rewards (like buying some new workout clothes) for little weight/fat-loss milestones. And finally, lean on friends and family who support your healthy decisions. A good support network is crucial.

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