Why Showing Up Late Is Killing Your Fitness

Why Showing Up Late Is Killing Your Fitness
Written by: Coach Evan

Oh great. Another article telling me I’m doing something wrong and how detrimental it is to my health.

Well, sorta, but not really. Let me preface this by saying we at Derby City CrossFit NEVER want to deter someone from coming to class. Showing up late is better than not coming at all and we don’t mind fast-forwarding you through the warmup. You won’t be able to hop right into the strength work without warming up, but we’ll make do. Whenever someone comes in late, they tend to go straight to the whiteboard to see what we’re doing, then they make eye contact with me and they look ashamed. Don’t worry. We welcome you to class. Just come straight to me and ask what to do. I’ve probably already thought of something for you to do to warm up the best you can with the time given. This isn’t about how showing up late is bad, it’s about how much better it could be if you didn’t.

If you ARE late, you’re missing a crucial part of class: the warmup. We have tailored the warmup specifically to the work being done that day. If we’re back squatting, we’re going to squat a lot to make sure your quads, hamstrings, and hips are warm and ready to fire. We’ll also get your glutes activating so your knees don’t cave in. If you’re absent for the warm up and jump in the strength work after only sitting on the bike for two minutes you won’t be able to perform like you would if you had hit the warmup.

Not only are you unable to get the right muscles warm for the strength work and the WOD, you lose the chance to improve your technique. You could progress in gymnastics or get a helpful cue for technique in one of the lifts we’re working on. One of the best opportunities to coach is during the warmup because you’re moving a much lighter load. This makes it a lot easier for us coaches to make corrections in technique. Being late might cause you to miss the golden nugget that fixes your rowing technique or that perfect cue that gets the bar into your hip during a snatch. What if during that warmup your coach finally helps you get kipping pullups? Think of what could be if you show up on time!

An essential piece of the beginning of class is the strategy and major technique points given to you by the coach. It might seem like we’re just up there talking to hear ourselves talk, but we’re trying to break things down for you. We’re giving you tools to attack the strength work and workout with purpose, which will make you a fitter person. These points could help you crush a workout or smash a PR.

We practice our introductions. We plan what we’re going to say beforehand so you get the most benefit. When you show up late for the 50th class in a row, the shortened version of my well-rehearsed spiel is unfortunately just not going to be as inspirational or educational. You’re missing out on a wealth of knowledge that comes from this part of class. These tips, tricks and cues add up, and over the course of a few months you could learn a lot about CrossFit if you soak in the intro and apply it to the work in class.

That’s what you miss if you’re late. Even if you’re on time, you miss out on taking advantage of warming up before the class warms up. We all have problem areas that need special attention. The best time for you to work on them is 5-10 minutes before class starts. Getting to class early allows you to get those shoulders loose so your front rack position is better. Imagine a class that is absent of me shouting, “hey, get those elbows up!” Wouldn’t that be nice? Maybe you need a little extra time to get your hips opened up so you can squat to full depth with no problem. If you came in early you could do that and then you’d never hear me yell, “Hey, squat lower!” which I’m sure would make you very happy.

Everyone knows the adage, “if you’re on time you’re late, if you’re early you’re on time.” We highly encourage you to adopt this for the gym but also every day life. Derby City CrossFit is dedicated to making us all fitter, but also better people. We care about your well-being, we care about you lifting heavier and faster and learning new skills. Best of all we can apply the skills we learn in the gym to any aspect of life. Come in early, move with purpose, become the best version of yourself.

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