Workout Less = Get Injured More; Workout More = Get Injured Less

Workout Less = Get Injured More; Workout More = Get Injured Less
Written by: Coach Slater

A 4-year analysis of over 3,000 CrossFitters found that injuries occur more often in people who workout less than 3 days/week. Overall, the injury rate of CrossFitters is less than more traditional training modalities. So, don’t believe your crazy relative who tells you that CrossFit leads to injuries; the science doesn’t support that. Instead, you’re more likely to be injured if you only workout sparingly and then try to do too much on those sporadic occasions, no matter what type of workout you do.

Why are there more injuries with less frequent training? It’s possible that there’s less opportunity to develop the necessary skills and quality of movement to ensure your own safety. Not only that, but working out less than 3 days/week is not effective at the intended purpose of working out… to increase your damn fitness! So, the combo of bad technique and poor fitness leads to an increased chance of injury.

So, we always preach consistent attendance because we know that 1) our Coaches can modify any workout to benefit you no matter how you feel that day (great, good, ok, or sore as hell), and 2) you’ll end up feeling better by attending more frequently, as shown by research.

In our Elements program, we teach beginners how to grow into our training methodology, so it’s something they can stick with for life. And we don’t run Groupon-style sales because we don’t think people should be motivated to join a gym for 30-days, quit, and then look for another deal somewhere else. We want you to invest in your health & fitness, get stronger, learn what your body is capable of, reap the body composition benefits that come with strength-training, and look back in 3-, 5-, 10-years from now and be amazed at how far you’ve come.


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