You Are a Kickass CrossFitter

You Are a Kickass CrossFitter
Written by: Coach Kelsi

I am going to tell you why you are a kickass CrossFitter. In spite of all you have going on with family/job/school/life, you made time to put on your sneakers and walk through those gym doors. You willingly come to a gym that pushes you to perform uncomfortable, kick-you-in-the-face workouts; and you love it! You push through the pain and thoughts that there is no way you can keep going. You keep lifting, sprinting, jumping until you hear that clock tell you to stop. You are a hard working, bad-ass machine.

After workouts, and often while coaching, I hear members engage in a lot of negative self talk. “But I didn’t do it RX.” “But I failed the lift. I didn’t PR.” “I should have gone heavier.” “So and so didn’t have to scale but I did.” Sound familiar? Are you guilty of this? I will admit I am. Coming back after birthing a baby was a true punch to the face and ego. When I first came back to the gym, I found myself frequently making disparaging comments about myself and my performance. My negative self talk got to the point where I needed to make a choice; quit CrossFit and find something where I wasn’t beating myself up or change my attitude and perspective. I love CrossFit. I love the people, gym, workouts, the gasping for air at the end of a WOD and the feeling of accomplishment when you finish. My perspective had to change, I am a recreational exerciser and I am here because it is truly one of the best parts of my day.

I challenge all of you to applaud that you are here. Give yourself a pat on the back that you have chosen to be part of a minority group that pushes themselves to their mental and physical limits for FUN! And yes, maybe you could have pushed harder, lifted more or gone faster but good news; there is always another workout. You will have another chance tomorrow to be better and do better. You are a hard worker. You are strong. You are fast. You can do things today that seemed impossible a year ago. You make the choice everyday to do what is hard instead of taking the easier path. You are kickass.

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