Group Classes

No “same old, same old” here – every day is a new, challenging combination of barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, gymnastic, and cardio movements guaranteed to push your fitness to the next level/make you stronger, faster, and leaner.


40-minute cardio- and core-intensive workouts that don’t require prior CrossFit experience, but do require willingness to work hard! With a focus on dumbbell, kettlebell, cardio, and bodyweight movements, Unloaded is a great way to mix it up.

Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition coaching program is designed to provide individuals with an easy, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness. Includes a Personalized Plan based on your unique goals, with accountability and complete confidentiality.

What's In a Membership

Unlimited classes, personal coaching in every class, a workout-tracking app for your phone, weekly informational eNewsletters, 80+ class offerings each week.


We know that “making friends” as an adult is hard! So, we host social events every month to help you meet people. Those new friends keep you connected to the gym so you can reach your fitness goals. 

Schedule Options

With classes as early as 5am and as late as 7pm, we offer options that fit anyone’s busy work / life schedule.

Not all gyms are the same

You get a LOT for your money at Derby City CrossFit

Orange Theory

$159/ MO
  • Unlimited/20+ Classes
  • Class Cancellation Fees
  • Cardio/Endurance

Derby City CrossFit

$155/ MO
  • Unlimited/20+ Classes
  • Cardio/Endurance
  • Muscle Building/Toning
  • Strength Training
  • Fat Loss
  • Programs Modified to Your Ability, No Matter Your Age, Size, or Ability
  • One-on-One Instruction
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Gym-Sponsored Social Activities

Burn Boot Camp

$169/ MO
  • Unlimited/20+ Classes
  • Class Cancellation Fees
  • Cardio/Endurance


  • Here you’ll find the best people, the best coaches, the best workouts… and you’ll have more fun than you thought possible. Fitness is a journey; pick good people to share your trip. You’ll find them here.

  • Coming to Louisville, I didn’t know anybody. And now the gym accounts for a significant chunk of the people I associate with on a consistent basis. It’s been a great community of friendship that I never would have expected when I first walked thru the doors.

  • I can go to any gym and lift weights and be a bro. But here, it’s the people. Everybody’s laughing all the time.

  • The people are awesome. I want to go see my friends at the gym!

  • Everything’s done for you. It’s an hour you can step away from the kids, work, etc… and zone out and just concentrate on getting better.

Biggest Myth: “I need to get in shape before I start CrossFit!”

That’s like telling your child that they need to learn algebra before going to school. What you were doing before CrossFit was not CrossFit, nor was it close to CrossFit. You cannot get prepared for something you have never done, by doing something completely opposite to what you will do. Instead of getting “in shape” before you start at Derby City, start today and we’ll get you to where you want to be.

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