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Biggest Myth: I need to get in shape before I start CrossFit!



Start with our Elements program if you're new to CrossFit or have taken an extended break from training.



Experienced CrossFitters that have spent more than 6-months at another affiliate can jump right in with our Test Out process.


Dropping In?

Visiting Louisville and you're an experienced CrossFitter, contact us to get pre-registered and drop-in to a class.

How Do We Help You Reach Your Goals?

Scroll down to see our timeline to get you from today to the future healthier, happier you.

  • Option 1: Foundations of Fitness
  • Option 2: Experienced CrossFItters
  • Option 1: Foundations of Fitness Image

    Option 1: Foundations of Fitness

    Option 1: Foundations of Fitness

    Elements is an introductory course that will introduce you to the basic movements you will encounter in our group training classes. We will explain the why behind our program, and how the gym works! This program consists of 5 sessions where you will meet with a coach and progress toward joining our group training programs or choose to do extended personal training!

    Anyone who is new to CrossFit has to take Elements. If you have some experience but have been away from CrossFit for while, Elements is a great way to ease into our gym! We have always been the gym that has taken pride in our athletes “moving well”. Our Elements program is here to break the stigma that CrossFit is unsafe and could get you injured!

  • Option 2: Experienced CrossFItters Image

    Option 2: Experienced CrossFItters

    Option 2: Experienced CrossFItters

    Our CrossFit program is where everyday people come together with a similar goal of increasing their fitness. No matter what your skill level, this class keeps you motivated and moving in the right direction. Our classes are for anyone who has completed our Elements course or spent 6+ months at an affiliate CrossFit location. 

    CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement, done at high intensity. What this means in simple terms, we do a variety of workouts, that use the most effective movements from gymnastic / body weight movements, weightlifting, as well as rowing, running, and biking! On top of this, we push ourselves as hard as can or want to on that particular day.

    If you are an experienced CrossFitter (i.e 6+ months spent at an affiliate) you may bypass our Elements course and jump right into the classes with a 60min Test Out session with a Coach. Simply drop us a line and we can get you set up with a membership.

    Veteran CrossFitter

    Experienced CrossFitter

You deserve to feel confident and strong in your body.

At Derby City CrossFit we focus on real, long-term results.

Whether you want to keep up with the kids, rock a new swimsuit, or even just carry the groceries in by yourself — our goal is to give everyone the freedom of independent fitness for life.

For us, fitness is about community and the commitment to working hard for permanent changes that you can be proud of. Our coaches go through rigorous training to help every member improve their quality of life no matter when they decide to start.